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October 25, 2016

Beta Wayback Machine – Now with Site Search! http://blog.archive.org/2016/10/24/beta-wayback-machine-now-with-site-search/


  1. Nice Topic Keep it up

  2. I have been looking for my poetry that was on poetry.com before they shut down and I can’t find them anywhere and I was told I had 3 months to live by my doctor I have died three times this year already and my kids are bugging me and begging me to get my poetry because most of it was written about them and every poem I have ever written is a little piece of my heart and I am missing pieces of my heart I need to get them back for my babies I have written for them my whole life and I have been a professional writer but I had eight strokes and the last one I have no memory to remember my poems I used to know all of them by heart thousands of them by heart and now I can’t remember one I am looking for a poem about my daughter being homeless when her child was kidnapped in Washington and she went to California it took us 8 years to find her but we finally found her because of my daughter’s resilience and willing to live on the streets homeless in order to find her to see one glimpse of her again she was only 18 months when she was stolen the name of that poem is called-a face in the crowd and I wrote that because when I went down there to be homeless with her because I couldn’t stand the thought of my baby being homeless I realized how people viewed homeless people they walked by but they don’t even see him they are visible to them they don’t even look at them and they don’t even help and it broke my heart and I wrote a poem called a face in the crowd about how if that was your child what you want somebody to help them alone and unloved a child on the street no one to love nothing toeat.. I said those lines because there’s other poems called another face in the crowd different ones but mine is about homelessness another poem is called-my daughter’s hands. It’s about how when I look at my daughter’s hands how familiar they seem to me as if they once belong to me I wrote it one day when we were sitting around and laughing and hanging out and I picked up her hand to hold it and I looked at her hand and it was like looking at my hand every little line increase anyway the next poem is called-the Old homestead it’s about the homestead that was built by my father’s father and about how you stood against time and weather and still stand stoically those are the three poems that mean the most to me and I have looked everywhere but I don’t know about the internet I’m 65 and I don’t know how to work it and I’ve had eight strokes and every time I go to wayback machines or any of those it confuses me and I can’t focus on one thing and I was hoping that someone at this site could find those poems for me and give me a link how to get them and I wouldn’t be willing to pay them 50 bucks I would give them $1,000 if I had it but I’m on social security and I only get $582 a month and after I pay my rent and my medicine and my food I don’t have any money left God bless you I hope you can do this it means the world to me and I hope you can do it before 3 months before I’m no longer here it would mean the world to my babies my kids are very close to me and they treasure my riding and they have bugged me for a year now to get it for them so they can keep it and I can’t and I don’t know how and neither do they not any of us are real good on the internet and I’m 65 so I’m no good at all LOL anyway please help me if you can and I will bless you thank you so much

  3. Whoever is reading my comment, we are all unknown to each other. But still I pray to God that if there is any tension going on in your life right now, then it should go away. May you all be happy 🙏🙏 #SPARK9026

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